Are Those Real?

I was once asked: Is that a real poem or just something you made up?

These are the non-narrative poems. The poems on this site are divided according to whether they are narrative sketches about the character Rhosonny or just something I made up.




What then did you project
upon Persephone when you
saw her simply dressed in
flowing cloth that made her
seem more naked

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Or was it Eurydice after all
Whom I saw descend into darkness
Wrapped in layers of bright light
And not Persephone as I had thought

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Juglans Regia

A native of the Balkans, Himalayas,
and Southwest China, with vast forests
even now in Kyrgyzstan, the Ancient
Greeks took the Persian walnut from Iran

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The Cat 7

This cartel of cats, this “Cat 7,”
this parliament of robber barons,
gathering in an uneasy peace,

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Believing love comes only toward perfect beings,
I, knowing myself imperfect,
thought all who loved me fools
Or else myself a thief.

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Sharp night on a body
my moon in the sheer night
the body in a clear moon
with brown buildings in white light

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The Sun: Helium

Morning, multiplex loam blooming
in round billows awash through mind;
Phæton tiding in cool dawn; as his wave
broadens its surge, its deep

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The Beginning

I speak of the previous person
Whose hands these are, and whose eyes;
Whose cares and whose coffins core these phrases
Whose black-wheeler braked in sidetrack,
Stropped the line where spun a seer’s death

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