What then did you project
upon Persephone when you
saw her simply dressed in
flowing cloth that made her
seem more naked
while she dreamed awake
a perfect life with always
late summer, crops ripening
a touch of coolness and
drifting clouds protected
her from Helios’ deep gaze?

Who did you think she would be
when you brought her into the
vast darkness of your sensory
disassembly to unite with you?

Do you know what she might
have been had circumstance not
interfered with what you wanted?

Do you know what you might have been
had you successfully bred her light?

What was your fantasy?
Or did you really even have one?
Were you simply mesmerized
by light frequencies radiated
from her when you were with her
absorbing both past and future
in the peaks and troughs
of its pulsations?