Or was it Eurydice after all
Whom I saw descend into darkness
Wrapped in layers of bright light
And not Persephone as I had thought
Nor Hades whom I addressed remarks
Badly targeted and carelessly thrown
But Orpheus whom I should have
Questioned when questioning
Was the form of my approach.

But now I turn to speculations:
Why did she descend away from him
To begin with? Did his songs, though
They pleased the universe, even rocks,
Fall upon her ears to her mind as
Curses from one side or the other
Of her self identities?

Whether they pleased her or not,
He continued playing but it didn’t
Bring her back. Then his music
Became stranger and darker
And the darker it became
The less he trusted her
To follow him back, and
That thought itself froze
All his world and life into
An apparent severance.