I Am The Instrument

I am the key, the key button, action bracket,
Jack and let-off rail; sostenuto rod, ivory,
Back-check, hammer-rest and repetition lever
Rail cloth and key frame; key-stop and rail prop, damper
Lever flange and the sostenuto tab or lip.
I am the hammer shank and drop screw, balance rail,
Back rail, repetition lever screw, the whippen
Spoon, the balance rail key-pin and a back-check wire,
The whippen flange, the capstan screw, whippen cushion,
The main action rail, whippen rail and hammer flange.
I am the front rail punching, front rail, key-stop rail,
The damper lift rail, damper lifter flange, the jack
Regulating screw and damper lever, the front
Rail-key pin, a repetition button
The hammer knuckle and a damper lift-rail spring.
Me combination jack spring and repetition
Lever spring, damper wire, repetition lever
Flange, let-off button, damper felt, and the letoff
Button punching; a damper leverkey cushion,
Letoff regulating screw, damper head, damper
Guide rail, the hammer, damper, a wire screw and string.
Ich bin the agraffe, capo bar and plate; support
bolts, and nose bolts, a sounding board button and pins.
Pinblock; the plate bushings and tuning pin
Are me. I am the pedals and I am the lyre.
I am the soundboard.

(Written c. 1979)