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42. Whichever of two occurs, be patient

  • This is the Fourth Slogan/Instruction of Point Seven, which consists of twenty-one instructions.
  • Point Seven is “Guidelines for Mind Training”

If you suddenly come into a great fortune, do not become arrogant or become attached to it; make sure you do not fall prey to the eight mundane concerns. You should take this [fortune] as a basis for your Dharma practice. Some people who attract followers and material gifts become conceited by this; they [then] despise others and do whatever comes to mind. You must discard such behavior.

Likewise, if you experience misfortune such that the only thing that seems beneath you is the water [flowing under a bridge], do not become depressed or demoralized, wondering how “such an unfortunate person like me” could exist. Do not be so downcast you are incapable of training [the mind].

Instead reflect, “Compared to the contrast in degree and intensity between the happiness of the higher realms and the suffering of the lower realms of existence, the contrast between pleasant and unpleasant states of human existence is not so immense. So, without further distraction, I shall focus on my spiritual practices.” For it is taught:

Even if you are prosperous like the gods,
Pray do not be conceited.
Even if you become as destitute as a hungry ghost,
Pray do not be disheartened.

“A Commentary on the “Seven-Point Mind Training” by Sé Chilbu Chökyi Gyaltsen (1121– 89), in Mind Training: The Great Collection translated by Thupten Jinpa. The verse if is from Nāgārjuna, Ratnāvalī


Ink and watercolor on cotton; overall: 20.3 x 12.7 cm (8 x 5 in.). The Cleveland Museum of Art

Iconographic Drawing: Vaishravana, Yama, Vsnisavijaya, Tara and Buddha (recto), c. 1500. Tibet. Ink and watercolor on cotton; overall: 20.3 x 12.7 cm (8 x 5 in.). The Cleveland Museum of Art

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