On the Occasion of Lama Yeshe Jinpa’s Sixty-Fifth Birthday


Completely free, serene lama,
From the Essence, grant me confidence in the View,
From the Nature, grant me perfection in meditation,
From Compassion without bias, grant me progress in action.

You who know, Lama
Dwelling in the innermost heart
Of my precious human birth, attained against odds,
Briefly manifested through resultant
Ebbs and flows of oceanic stress,
Please turn my mind to the Dharma.

In you, the Three Jewels,
I take refuge until samsara is empty,
Until I free my numberless mothers.

My body – the universe and its contents –
I offer to you for accumulation of merit
More vast than a billion binary stars.

Dearest lama, Vajrasattva, wash away
My transgressions and breeches of samaya
Enacted through delusion and ignorance.

Guru Rinpoche, embodiment of all the Buddhas
Past, present, and future,
Buddhas more numerous than the atoms of a trillion universes,
Enfold me with your loving kindness,
Bless me without pause until Buddhahood,
Bestow the four empowerments upon me,
And release me from samsara’s steel trap
By revealing your true face: emptiness awareness.