Phonetic: kadag
: ཀ་དག་

“ka” ( ) is the first letter of the Tibetan alphabet.

1. alpha purity, alpha-purity (Duff 2011, 2018; Dowman 2014; Ponlop 2006-b)

“A Great Completion term meaning purity that is there from the first, that is, primordial purity.  There are many terms in Buddhism that express the notion of “primordial purity” but this one is unique to the Great Completion teaching.  The term “alpha purity” matches the Tibetan term both literally and in meaning.” Duff 2011

2. original purity, originally pure (Barron 1994, 1998, 2007; Smith 2016; Wallace 2014)

Ka, being the first syllable of the series of Tibetan consonants, means “original,” while dag means “purity.” (Smith 2016)

3. primordial purity, primordially pure (Dorje 2007; Dorje-Kapstein 1991; Dowman 1994; ICTKC 1995; Jinpa-Barron 2000; Kunsang 1991, 1993-c; Padmakara 1994; Ponlop 2006-b; Reynolds 1989)