Smokin’ the Sheriff

In Progress

Although I am posting pages as soon as I’ve begun to write them, this page doesn’t yet have even a rough draft. I’m writing this site live at the same time I design and develop it, completely flying by the seat of my pants. Normally, one might start with an outline and write chapters and sections in a word processor. But I am using WordPress as my word processor, and a hierarchy of pages as my outline.

Be Informed as Pages Are Written

If you would like me to let you know when a new page (chapter or section) has been written for this part of the website, please subscribe via the form in the sidebar.  Unless you drop me a line and ask me to keep you updated about something else on this website or elsewhere, updates about new chapters will the only email you will receive from me.

Your Data, My Pledge to You

I will never use your name or email address for any purpose other than to inform you of new pages as they are added to this section of my website — I won’t even inform you when new poems are added unless you ask me to on the poetry portion of this website.